Thursday, July 20, 2006

Happy Knitiversary to Me!

One year and three days ago my sister-in-law Jenny gave me a birthday gift that changed my life. I had been begging her for weeks to teach me how to knit, and at my 40th birthday party, she gave me a beginner knitting book and kit, described here. Three days later, on her birthday, she sat down with me for 15-20 minutes and taught me the knit stitch. And created a monster. And there's been no turning back.

I never would have guessed how a simple craft could change my life.

In the last 365 days:

* I've knit approximately 25-30 items, (I never said I was fast!)

* I've started a knitting blog

* I've joined a knitting group and widened my local circle of friends

* I've attended two fiber festivals

* I've "met" countless other knitters, either virtually, in person, or both

This craft has opened up my world, enriched my life, and I'm still loving it and can't wait to start the next project and learn the next skill.

And speaking of knitting skills, since this is my Knitiversary and since it's also the approximate half-year mark since I made my Knitting Resolutions back in February, (in honor of Chinese New Year, and no, I'm not Chinese), I thought this might be an appropriate time to take a look at that list and see what goals, if any, I've accomplished thus far:

* Learn to knit socks:
YES! - SoXperience 2006!

* Knit a clapotis:

* Knit & felt a purse/bag/tote:

* Knit a hat:

* Learn at least one other "challenging" technique - (cables, intarsia, etc.):

* Go to at least one fiber event:
YES! - Two!: SFF and MSW!

* Take at least one knitting class:
YES! - SoXperience 2006!

* Better organize yarn stash and knitting paraphernalia:
Sorta! (still a work in progress, but better than it was in February. I now have a bin for my yarn and have recently destashed the crap yarn, so definitely a step in the right direction!)

And so, on this my 1-year Knitiversary, I've reached about half of my knitting goals for the calendar year, and I'm pretty happy with that! I look forward to what the rest of the calendar year and the next knitting year brings! More finished items, more fiber festivals, more knitting classes, more new knitting friends, more knitting skills, more knitting fellowship, more stash enhancement and organization.

The sky's the limit! .. :-)



Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

Happy Knitiversary to you! What a lot you've accomplished in just one year. It is a life changing hobby isn't it? Your knitting group sounds wonderful!

Your SIL must be in on the world domination plot ;-). I am slowly converting the women I work with and the women in my book group over to knitting. It's working too! One of the girls was in today (her day off) and she was just on her way to the yarn store. Wish I could've gone too.

Courtney said...

Happy Knitiversary! I think that knitting 25-30 items in a year is pretty great. I'm not fast either, but that's not really the point, is it? Good luck with the rest of your Knitting Resolutions.

Suzanne said...

Happy knitversary! you have got to knit some baby hats. they are superfast and superfun! Of course, you need a baby to give it to--

A baby hat was my second project, after a scarf. Easy easy!

I made a few fruit hats for the nutrition awareness programm that The Harlot wrote about. The last one is blocking right now.

Robin said...

HAPPY KNITIVERSARY! I so happy for you...may each and every year be more "KnitHappy"

Liz said...

Congratulations! May this be the first of many wonderful and fun years to come enjoying this craft!

Robin said...

Knit On, Mary!! Happy Knitiversary!

Krista said...

Congrats, Mary! Here's the many more years of knitting!

knitfriendly said...

Congratulations! I love your idea of Knitting goals. I may have to do that when my "knitiversary" comes up! :)