Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tuesday Night Knitters!

Dear Jane,

I know you're having a blast with your sisters down at the beach, but we missed you at TNK last night! So I thought I'd take a few pictures, so you'd know what you missed.

Deb, Rita and Patsy were there:

As you can see, Deb's working on her simple shell with that beautiful aqua yarn. I could stare at that all day. Patsy is working on a poncho for someone in her family, (niece? daughter? daughter-in-law? Sorry, Patsy, I forget who's the lucky recipient), made from her own hand-spun yarn. Very pretty.

And Rita was working on a lovely recycled silk shawl... :

...when not regaling us with stories from her recent mission trip to Chile.

Renny and Robin were also there:

Renny is working on a beautiful baby cardigan. Robin was busy for the first hour writing up more soap orders, but she later worked on her orange sweater, (sorry - no picture taken of that, but you saw that last week, Jane.)

Sheddy, Issy and Norma were also there:

Issy has started that way-cool "hole-y" shawl from Morehouse Merino:

Even unblocked, it's nifty-keen.


Sheddy is making flip-flop socks!

We've started a movement! And like me, she's using the actual yarn (Regia Stretch Color #115 in "Crazy Electra") called for in the pattern. My yarn hasn't arrived yet, but any day now! I just LOVE those colors. I'm even going to use the turquoise the pattern calls for for the ribbed edging, 'cuz I think it's just so pretty that way. So, Jane, do you think we can convince Sheddy, (aka the "One-Sock Wonder"), to knit the second flip-flop sock? ;-)

Norma - forgive me, I didn't take a picture of the prayer shawl you're making. Perhaps next week!

And what have I been knitting, you ask? Well, for me, it seems that the smaller the project, the better chance it has of getting finished in a timely manner:

Two down, ten to go.

Sock-ornament on left was finished last night at TNK and was knit with KnitPicks' Merino Style. Sock-ornament on right is the original prototype in the Lion Brand acrylic. I think I'm sticking with the Merino for the rest of them. And I think I've decided to personalize them for each niece/nephew by getting some kind of pin kit at the craft store and making them each a pin with their name on it, which will then be pinned to the white cuff. I'm still open to suggestions, though.

And if those sock-ornaments aren't small enough for you, how about this?

That's the mini-sock-blocker keychain given to me by the very generous Liz, modeling a teeny-tiny sock I made from some leftover sock yarn (Regia Colors) from the very generous Krista.

Thanks, Liz! Thanks, Krista!

Anyway, Jane, all-in-all it was another night of good knitting fun. And you've now put me in the habit of "shopping" before I leave, so I left with a couple of knitting magazines. One even had a freebie knitting notions case inside the plastic holding the magazine, so, score! :-)

We still missed you, and look forward to your return! Alas, August looks to be a ugly-busy month for me work-wise, which means I may not make it to a single TNK that month! I'm already in mourning!

Speaking of knitting groups - I'm going with my MS&W buddy Suzanne to the Wednesday night knitting group tonight, since we live so close to each other. So, I need to sign off and get ready for that!

Bye now!



Krista said...

Love the little keychain sock, Mary! How quick was it to knit?

Suzanne said...

Rita went to Chile on a mission trip? Is her last name Jenkins? My MOM was on that trip! And check out the Morehouse Merino shawl--I bought one of those kits at Maryland too!

Great fun last night--thanks for coming!

knitfriendly said...

I love your little booties! It looks like you all had a fabulous time!

Lolly said...

That little sock keychain is so cute! :)