Monday, July 10, 2006

Post-holiday funk

The great thing about going away for a long holiday weekend?

Views like this:

from deck of my brother's lakehouse

And fun activities like this:

Pontooning our way to view fireworks over the lake




The bad thing about a lovely holiday weekend?

Returning to the real world. Bleh.

I was definitely tired and stressed out prior to last weekend. But since I've returned, add to that a mood I can only describe as post-holiday funk. Or maybe resentment at the universe for my not being independently-wealthy enough to loll around a lake year-round, and instead having to work for a living.

But I cannot let my current mood spoil the memories of the wonderful weekend that it was. Great fun, great food, great family, friends and festivities. And I even got a little (okay, very little) knitting done while down there. All-in-all, a perfect, if short, vacation. Which makes non-vacation life that much harder to face.

I will choose, however, to count my blessings and be thankful. And look eagerly forward to the next time I can get away, which won't be soon enough.



Suzanne said...

You need more vacation!!!!!

I am struggling a bit now, but trying to be upbeat. I have not even been to knitnite for more than a month! it gives me physical pain. We should meet and eat soon--my next project is not due until early august. Lunch anyone?

Courtney said...

Something like a post-holiday funk often happens to me after a particularly good time. I never know what to do about it other than to be greatful that I have friends and family with whom to enjoy my vacations. Even so, more vacation is always welcome.

Isobel said...

I'm with you. Everyone should have to have a lake retreat to de-frag. It should be a legal requirement!!!
See you tomorrow.

Robin said...

I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! I thought my mood was just me being a b*&#%! Maybe we need a support group!
Anyway-I'm glad you had a good time, Lake Gaston looks really beautiful.

knitfriendly said...

What a beautiful view! You are so lucky to have relatives with property on such a beautiful lake!

jane said...

Weird...I'm in a funk too, maybe we should play the lottery tonight after TNK! Jane

Robin said...

There's something about a waterview. So relaxing. I agree with you -- returning to the real world after vacation - bleh! Go through and fondle your yarn stash - might make you feel better!