Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ze prototype... she is ready...

(...did you say that in your head with a German accent? Because that's how I hear it in my head!)

So, what do you think?

Christmas in June

I'm fairly pleased with it myself, although still not convinced about the yarn. I like how the cuff edge curled up, (I had a feeling it would). At first I thought I might have to tack that down, but now I'm thinking of it as a design feature.

Do I want to knit 11 or 12 more of these? I'm still debating that. If I do, I'd really like it to be with some nicer (softer, stretchier) yarn. Anyone know where I can get some inexpensive, worsted weight merino?

And does this officially make me a designer now? ... ;-)


Robin said...

ADORABLE! I LOVE it! Yes, you are a designer now...can I get your autograph?

Krista said...

And you said you'd never be a good knitter! The sock is wonderful! Inexpensive merino...hmmm...I have some red leftover cashmerino from my Odessa earlier this year. What about KnitPicks?

Bess said...

I'm not sure I'd knit an ornament in wool. Years of storage means exosing it to moths sooner or later - or even other fiber eating critters.

Then again, working with acrylic is not fun (for me) and why knit if it's not fun? so I would probably buy Patons Merino or else Cascade. In the $5 range or maybe $6, and you ought to get a lot of little stockings out of one ball.

Or go to www.elann.com which, if you haven't visited - oh baby - You're in for a sudden shrinking of your wallet. I refuse to even look while I'm on the Year of NoNewYarn diet. But they got my last purchase of 2005. Really a treat of a place.

DustBunniesCanWait said...

Cute sock :-) Are you going to share the pattern? ;-)

As for the yarn, have you checked out ebay yet? Knitpicks, Elann.com, and www.craftandsave.com also spring to mind. I also belong to the knitting_for_cheap group and they post yarn sales all the time :-)

Beth said...

I know it's acrylic, but at least it's soft ... Caron Simply Soft and I know it comes in both red & white - then you wouldn't have to worry about the dreaded, winged creatures that eat our wool.

Also, I saw your little stocking over at Jane's place and she mentioned you needing ideas for putting names on the stockings ... how about duplicate stitch?

I love these - if you find you'll be sharing the pattern, I'd love a copy myself!

Liz said...

Very cute! I have to agree with all the other yarn suggestions too. Bless your heart...Just the thought of making 11 of those kills me :)

Ranger Susie said...

Knitpicks! Their Wool of the Andes, while not merino, is pretty soft and $1.99 a skein (I think). Their Merino Style is a couple of bucks a skein more.

Anne Margaret said...

LOVE the stocking - and the turned up edge makes the piece! Good job! Have you thought of chenille? The Lion Brand version is pretty inexpensive and so soft and squishy, it reallt is fun to knit.