Thursday, June 15, 2006

And there was much ogling and fondling...

Jane documented this past Tuesday's Knit Night fairly well on her blog, but I thought I'd share a few extra pictures that I captured.

Jane's sister Lawre, (pronounced "Laurie"), of the illustrious Lawre's Laine fame, graced us with a visit, since she was in town for the day for a bead show. She even brought in her bead haul for all of us to ogle and fondle:

Lawre & beads -- she adds these as tassle embellishments on her bags


A closer look at the beads


Extreme close-up -- check out the ones that look like eyeballs! Oooo! Ahhh!


Lawre sews and sells beautiful knitting bags, needle rolls and needle books, and so she brought in some of her fabric swatches, again for us to ogle and fondle:

Swatchy goodness

This is one way-cool fabric - Issy said it reminded her of the Bayeux Tapestry


This is a fun fabric, with mermaids and cows and whatnot - love the colors!


We had so many people Tuesday night, including three new attendees, that it felt like there were fifty people swarming around us at the height of the evening. I always feel sorry for the serious people trying to read or work on their computers near us. We eventually scare them all away, which works out well for us - we can then take over their tables and chairs! ;-)

Anyway, amidst all the socializing, ogling and fondling, there is actual knitting going on, including yet another sock by Sheddy, aka the "One Sock Wonder", a woman who never knits more than one sock from any yarn, and therefore has a drawer full of single socks which get paired with other mismatched socks. I think the world would be a happier place if more people were so carefree about sock pairing. Anyway, Sheddy is test-knitting with a new cotton/elastic yarn from GypsyKnits. I love the cool see-through drawstring bag that the yarn comes in - an instant project bag! Apparently this yarn is slightly lighter-weight than Cascade Fixation, and therefore makes less bulky socks, and it's also hand-dyed, so there's probably lots of cool color options available.

Will this sock get a mate?

And welcome to two of our new visitors, Amy and Robin. Our third visitor, Renny, left before I was able to capture her on film. Maybe next time!

Amy and Robin

Here's hoping you come again!

Finally, for any lurkers out there who live in the Richmond area and want to visit us at knit night, stop by our Yahoo Group and click the "Join This Group" button, and you'll start receiving weekly meeting reminders and other group communications. We'd love to have you!



jane said...

Were we at the same TNK? I love reading your write up to see what I missed such as Sheddy's cool sock yarn with the see through bag. I totally missed it!!! Jane

Suzanne said...


I could really have eyes in the back of my head!