Friday, June 23, 2006

Fun Stuff

It's been hot, hot, hot here in Rivah City. Got to 100ºF here yesterday, but slightly cooler today. Me hates the heat and the associated humidity. The only upside is that the cats love it and therefore just loll around or sleep all day in a heat-induced stupor and stay out of my hair while I'm working. So, as long as the AC keeps working, I won't complain. I find that if I keep my AC set at 78ºF, it doesn't kick in all that much, but still keeps the house comfortable enough for sitting at a desk all day. Night-time is another story altogether, however -- the colder, the better, so the thermostat gets set to 65ºF or lower before I got to bed, and then back up to 78 when I wake up.

Despite the non-wool-friendly temperatures, I've been knitting on my pink heart scarf for the last few nights. I'd finished the first half weeks ago and had set it aside, but have now picked up the other half and should finish it in a few days. I can get three or four repeats done while watching tv at night. It's a quick knit, but goes slower when one makes a mistake every other row and has to un-knit and re-knit. I tell ya, I think I have adult ADD. Or am just easily distracted by whatever is on television at the time. Or am just a remedial knitter. Whatever. It'll get done. Then I think I'll block both halves before grafting them together -- easier to block two short rectangles than one long one.

For those who aren't so interested in handling wool when it's sweltering, here's a few fun websites to go visit:

Once again, Go. Have fun. Stay cool.

That is all.


Robin said...

Glad you and the kitties are keeping cool--Mr. Ace says if I don't put the A/C in soon (no central air yet) he's going to ask to be shaved! See the picture on my blog of the "dead" cat! I can't imagine a fat bald cat laying around the house!

Isobel said...

Just spent 15 minutes building the ultimate paper airplane & it crashed!