Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Amazing Three-Legged Baby

...could wear all of these at the same time:

Sing along with me: "One of these things is not like the other...".

* Sock on the left: (aka Baby Sock #1) -- my very first ever completed sock. (I have an adult-sized Lorna's Laces sock still on the needles - it is my very first attempted sock, but as of this writing is still a UFO).

* Sock on the right: (aka Baby Sock #2) -- where I realized that I had effed up the heel on baby sock #1 and knew I'd be knitting a third.

* Middle sock: (aka Baby Sock #3) -- my "match" for sock #2. I still don't think it's an exact match. Methinks I've got an extra row in there for the cuff, and perhaps an extra row in the foot. Oh well - I still had fun knitting it.


Of course, I'm not the first to come up with the mistake idea of a "pair" of three socks:

The amazing three-legged woman

One more ingenious use for a third sock is illustrated here. (Warning: a little risque' - click if you dare....

I knew you would.)


I could always just knit a fourth and find a needy bunny:


Krista said...

Mary, you naughty girl! *wink*

Robin said...

Hilarious! I knew you'd find a use for 3 socks! You are a baaad girl!

Tina said...

whoa, nellie! I clicked the link and (Murphy's Law) my daughter almost walked in.

Mary, thanks for your comment -- I'm in an insane workstorm, and no, I don't knit with any groups around town because I live with a group (4 kids? a group). But if I did, it'd be the Waldorf school folks at the farmers market thursday mornings. Several very cool women.

I look forward to wandering around your blog. take care -- t

Gingersnaps with Tea... said...

You are waaaay too funny!