Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Knitting Friends

These pictures are about a week old, but, I'm nothing if not a procrastinator.

This is Sherry, a member of our knitting group who is teaching me sock knitting via the Magic Loop method:

Thanks, Sherry!

For her wonderful efforts, I felt she deserved nothing less than some fabulous sock yarn acquired at a recent fiber festival:

Socks That Rock in "Rose Quartz"

A week ago I met fellow Virginia knit-blogger Robin at Unraveled. Look at this fantastic sweater she's knitting:

The fair isle pattern is done with her own hand-spun. Just lovely.

She was wearing the cutest spinning wheel earrings which I meant to take a picture of but never did. She'll just have to put them on her blog, instead!

Maybe if I get my act together I'll get last night's knit-night pictures posted tomorrow -- in the same week -- imagine that?!


Robin said...

I thought about taking that picture when I put those earrings on this morning! I'll try to get that posted this week...

Again, I had a great time last week! We'll have to do it again!

the sweetheart said...

mmm purple Wildfoote, I might just take you up on that...

Maybe I'll have to make the long trek to southside to tnk to meet you and the others :)