Monday, June 19, 2006

A few little things...

I've been knitting on a few little things this past week. First of all, remember these?

My food coloring (L) and Kool-Aid (R) dyed mini-skeins of yarn from SoXperience 2006.


Well, there's not enough yarn there to really make anything, but I was curious as to how yarn dyed in stripes like that actually knits up. So I decided to knit a swatch from each:

Left: food coloring dyed; Right: Kool-Aid dyed

(Swatching: good conference call knitting!) Isn't it funny how a yarn that's dyed with stripes ends up being variegated? Pretty cool, I think. I'm sure there's a crazy mathematical or visual-spatial reason for that, but that's beyond my feeble brain, so I'll just marvel at the mystery. I also think the subtle difference in the colors is cool. Care for an extreme close-up?

Left: Kool-Aid colors; Right: McCormick Food Coloring


And in the shame-on-me-for-forgetting-to-share-this-last-week category:

Look what I won!

The very generous Jane gave me this sheepy plate as a runner-up prize for a contest we had two weeks ago at TNK. Isn't it adorable? I feel, however, that I should share custody of the plate with all of my fellow worthy contestants who worked so hard on their entries. Should we rotate it on a monthly basis? Who should get it next? Tammy is going away for the summer, so maybe Sheddy? Or Issy? Or Stacy? How about Deb? There were so many worthy entries in that contest, I am humbled to have won the runner-up prize by a mere drawing from a hat. It was an honor just to be nominated.... ;-)

Anyway, thanks a million, Jane, for the great plate! I think I owe you some pretty yarn for as generous as you've been to me lately!

And finally, I've started my prototype mini-Christmas-stocking-ornament, and will probably finish the red part tonight, and perhaps the white cuff, too.

You'll notice that I didn't do any ribbing at the cuff, because once the toe is finished, I'm going to turn it inside-out and pick up stitches from the cuff using white yarn, and then knit a couple of inches in white. Then, when I turn it right-side-out, the elongated white cuff (still in stockinette) will have purl bumps on the outside. I can then fold the cuff down and the knitted "V's" will face outward. Probably a lot of trouble to go to when I could just purl all those rounds, but I hate purling with this yarn. I picked up some Lion Brand "Wool Ease" worsted weight to knit this prototype, but am not yet convinced that I'll do all twelve little socks in that yarn, 'cause I'm not loving the acrylic. The only other red worsted weight yarn they had at the craft store yesterday was Lion Brand's "cashmere/merino" blend, which, although quite nice, was $9 for an 85-yard ball, and if I'm spending that much on nice yarn, it's not going to be Lion Brand -- I'll get some Debbie Bliss or Rowan or Aurora, thankyouverymuch. Okay, they did have some Cascade 220, but it's just a little too scratchy for me for anything but a felting project. I've been spoiled by merino, I guess.


In a completely off-topic category, I watched a couple of Netflix movies this weekend.

First was "Walk the Line", which was very nicely done and really showcased the acting skills of the two leads. Do I think Reese should have won Best Actress? Not sure. She did a fine job, but I haven't yet watched all her competitors' movies yet. I still have "Crash" sitting on my coffee table - waiting for the right day to watch a heavy movie like that.

Second, I watched "Mr. & Mrs. Smith". One word: BORING. Very little plot, mostly shoot-em-up action, which appeals to their marketed demographic, but alas, that's not me. I also didn't care for either lead character in the movie, so I really didn't care if they lived or died or stayed together. I admit that part of my attitude is prejudice due to Brangelina's home-wrecking shananigans. Biggest surprise for me about this movie? That Vince Vaughn was in it. I had no idea. And he really served no point in the so-called story except as quasi-comic-relief, which really didn't help the movie, since he wasn't that funny. But he got to witness the Brangelina canoodling first-hand and then swoop in and be the hero for the wronged wife. Hmmm.... Interesting.... And how convenient.... (That's my uninformed, outsider take on the whole fiasco.)

Ahhh, Hollywood. So shallow.

Okay, enough of my blather. Good night y'all!



knitfriendly said...

I couldn't stand Mr. and Mrs. Smith either! Crash is an amazing movie and I suggest that you see that ASAP! Both of your swatches turned out great.

Suzanne said...

I have to tell u I hated Crash. I heard later that Oprah loved it, but I don't watch O. I thought it was a nihilistic and depressing descent into human relations. Every time people met in any way it was destructive. Call me old fashioned. Call me a sap. People do not have to destroy each other every time they intersect!

But maybe I have been around knitters too long, who GIVE to each other, encourage when they meet.

jane said...

I am in awe at your dying!!!! See you tomorrow. Jane

Tammy said...

Your dyeing is beautiful! I'm laughing a little at the movie reactions. I HATED Crash -- an overblown, preachy movie that depended on a million coincidences to make it work. Really not worth the 2+ hours of my life. I liked Walk the Line quite a bit -- I really didn't know how sad Johnny's life was. Mr. & Mrs. Smith? I like those kinds of action movies, so I enjoyed it.

But no way Crash was a better movie than Brokeback Mountain. That one was beautiful and sad and gorgeous.

Isobel said...

I'm with you on acrylic yarn. I will be so glad when I finish the baby poncho! No more friends with babies, I hope! I kind of feel the same way about Brangolina too!

Bess said...

I rather like Brad Pitt as an actor and think he's trashed a lot by the movie world and categorized as merely a prettyboy. OTOH, I can't imagine watching a movie about contract killers, even if they are doing the world a favor by eliminating each other. What a presumptuous cynicism.

I thought Crash was okay but was utterly amazed that it took the Oscar as best picture. In fact, I just assumed all the other contenders must have been really bad. I like those multi threads spun into a single plot line type stories, in books and in movies - but this one was just okay in my book. I'd have given it a B.

Thought Walk The Line was just right and well done and for a celebrity bio movie completely fit the bill. Happily, I am a Johnny Cash fan and of course watching the Years-O-My-Youth go by was fun too.

Love those swatches. Love the little stocking too. I wouldn't bother with ribbing on an ornament. The only good reason for ribbing on sock cuffs is to keep them up - not to pull them in.

Anne Margaret said...

Very fun to watch the prototype coming along. I love the idea of picking up the stitches on the wrong side to avoid purling and to get the texture difference. Keep us posted!

Liz said...

I said the same exact thing about that Lion Brand Cashmere. I wonder if anyone wastes their money on that?

I have to admit, I enjoyed all three of the movies you mentioned.

Robin said...

I forgot to tell you that I kool-aid dyed some yarn a couple of months ago that looks just like yours!
Your ornaments are going to be so cute! Socks of all kinds are addictive huh?

Krista said...

Since everyone else seemed to comment on your movies I'd thought I'd chime in too: Crash has to be my favorite movie of the past 5 years (I think it was very truthful and moving), I won't see anything with Brad or Angelina (no talent), and I have not seen Walk the Line, but would like to. Anyway, we all agree on one thing! That little sock is so cute!