Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Drink Pink!

Last night some of our knitting group got together for dinner and drinks at Bottega Bistro, prior to meeting at our usual knitting location, (Barnes & Noble, Huguenot Rd.), to celebrate several occasions. Both Jane and Tammi have sons who work at that restaurant, which is reason enough to go eat there. Additionally, Tammi's son Jonathan had a brainstorm about a month ago and decided to come up with three specialty pink drinks in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness (BCA) month. (We all then felt compelled to go there and "drink for charity", dontcha know.)... ;-)

This past Sunday was Issy's birthday, also reason enough for a celebration. And last, but not least, a knitting group member who recently had a lumpectomy was told that she does not have breast cancer. Whoo hoo! Let's celebrate!

Here's our group, with pink drinks all around:

Bring on the appetizers!

Robin H., Issy and Deb

Nancy, Patsy and Norma

Deb, Tammi and Jane

Mothers and Sons -- Tammi & Jonathan; Jane & Charlie

Happy Birthday, Issy!

Later, at Barnes & Noble, look at what I spied:

Something in which to carry a pink drink, perhaps?
(These thermos' and other travel mugs can be purchased here.)

Great minds think alike!
I wonder if they've been talking to Syd?


And speaking of the Think Pink Challenge, several ladies in my knitting group responded to my call last week and have knit some pink scarves for the cause (and the contest!):

Knit by Mary Jane's friend Katie -- thanks Katie!

Norma, Tammi and Deb.
Deb finished that pink scarf she's knitting and has already sent it off to Syd.


And knitter-extraordinaire Amy,

who knit Kate Gilbert's Sunrise Circle Jacket this summer and won a blue ribbon at the State Fair for it, (w00t!), got busy last week working on a pink scarf of her own design:

That's a flying geese stitch pattern -- so cool! It sorta looks like the pink BCA ribbon.

Here's the finished object:

And look at the fringe detail she came up with:

That's right -- pink BCA ribbons. Amy rocks!

She actually sewed each and every one of those ribbons together like that. Isn't it amazing?

Finally, in response to my blog contest I got an email from a woman, Joan Columbini, (I don't even know where she lives), with a picture of a boatload of pink scarves that she and her coworkers knit for the Think Pink Challenge. Isn't this amazing? I was blown away when I saw this:

Hmmm.... I think I like the pink one. ;-)

Thanks so much, to everyone who has contributed thus far to this cause, or in any way shape or form to cancer treatment, prevention, cure or awareness. Your efforts are gratefully appreciated and humbly acknowledged here.

I lost my Aunt Donna, who was also my godmother, to breast cancer 15 years ago. My sister-in-law's mother has also recently been treated for it, and I have several other friends and coworkers who have dealt with it, so it's a cause that strikes close to home. Here's hoping that all these visions of pink will prompt more women to do their self-exams and get their mammograms.

Ladies -- your loved ones want to keep you around for as long as possible!


Robin said...

WOW--what a great response!

Krista said...

Great scarves! My Aunt had breast cancer years ago, but is fine now! It's on my mind a lot though now that I'm getting older. It's great that there are so many opportunities to show support and contribute.

Nikki said...

I don't remember how I found you, but you helped me to find Sydney and I've sent her both a pink scarf and a huge box full of yarn for her prayer shawls! :)

I sent the scarf in way before your challenge/contest so I'm not eligable for that but that's OK. I didn't do it for the yarn but because my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor and I have an old co-worker fighting it now.

somebunnysloveDOTcom said...

What a great way to help others out. Love the "Drink Pink" idea --> let's make it a national trend!

Suzanne said...

Amy's sweater looks even better on her! Wonderful!

You can tell her, I sent a picture of it (with ribbon), her name and the link to the designer Kate Gilbert. She wrote back--Amy is famous now!

Nice one on the scarves.

knitfriendly said...

I want one of those pink thermoses! That is too cool! :)