Thursday, October 26, 2006


Panic mode has officially set in.

I just realized that November is just days away. Meaning, Christmas is just weeks away.


So I just did some mental calculations and am wondering if I'll meet my holiday knitting deadlines.

Here's what I want to try and knit by December 17th, (when we're having the big family Christmas):
  • 9 mini-stocking ornaments - for my dozen nieces and nephews (3 already knit)
  • 5 hats - one for niece's November birthday (yikes!); one each for mom & dad; one for family member whose name I've drawn (maybe); one for our knitting group's Barnes & Noble give-away (1/3 finished)
  • 2 Mason-Dixon ballband washcloths - for family member whose name I've drawn
  • 2 linen dish towels - for family member whose name I've drawn
I'd also somehow like to squeeze in a hat for Rabbitch's contest (due December 1st - yikes!) and a scarf for the Red Scarf Project (thankfully, not due until early next year).

I can do this, right? Right?

There's a good chance I won't meet my ambitious goals, but at least I'll try.

I need to get cracking and stop fiddling around with knits for myself. They'll have to wait until after the holidays, I guess.

Where did the time go?



knitfriendly said...

Wow - that's some list! I would make a schedule with a calendar to set mini goals for yourself. You may get it done that way. Good luck!

Robin said...

You can do it I know you can!!!

If I can you can!

bethc said...

Good luck... I think I may need to make a similar list...

traveling knitter said...

I've already had a christmas meltdown this year. :)