Saturday, October 21, 2006

Think Pink Contest drawing soon!

I'd like to extend a heartfelt "Thank You!" to everyone who contributed a knitted, crocheted or woven scarf to the Think Pink Challenge, and especially to those who rose to the last minute challenge of my blog contest. If you still have the urge to knit a pink scarf or turn in one you've only just finished, fear not -- (although they won't qualify for my contest), Sydney is still accepting them and will continue to do so, as she's decided to make this an ongoing project. She's also considering the creation of a 2007 calendar with pictures of some of the scarves sent in for this effort. If you'd be interested in such a calendar, please stop by her Think Pink blog and let her know.

Meanwhile, I am actively communicating with Syd to confirm her receipt of the scarves that will qualify for my contest's drawing. If you have not emailed me before now to indicate your qualifying entry in the contest, please do so, (maryklarson[At]comcast[d0t]net), by noon EST tomorrow, Sunday, October 22nd, as I'll be holding the drawing early next week -- hopefully on Monday.

Stay tuned to find out the winners of free yarn!


Bess said...

Oh I can't wait till Tuesday! We can make pictures and movies and I can show you around and we'll have a delicious lunch and you can meet the KipFee sweater.

Loved all those pictures of the science museum. Sigh. I am old enough to have used that as public transportation in my youth. I used to take the train to Philadelphia. It was so ... Barbara Streisdanishly Funny Girl. Remember that scene when she sings "Don't rain on my parade" - and she's stalking through the train station in NY?

See you Tuesday.

musingwoman said...

Oh, I wish we'd known about your contest earlier! We would have posted about it on competizione. We're a clearing house for contests by bloggers and our goal is to drive traffic to their sites.

The Think Pink Challenge is such a wonderful project (also, if you’re interested, we have a contest listed now where all the knitted hats will go to those in need).

Let us know if you ever have another contest! :-)

Krista said...

it's great that the project will now be ongoing. I can knit one up this winter!