Sunday, October 15, 2006


I'm nothing, if not a procrastinator. Procrastination and laziness are probably my defining qualities, unfortunately. I never said I was an admirable person.

Case in point:

Anyone who has been to my house in the last year will have noticed two very large boxes sitting on my porch. I ordered them from last year, and kept meaning to open the darn things and assemble the contents, but there was always something better to do, or the weather wasn't right. So, there they sat, as week after week and month after month passed, and they were exposed to the elements. The poor boxes got mushy and droopy, and there was evidence that some critter tried to make one its home. I was sure the contents of the boxes were being negatively impacted by all that neglect. A couple weekends ago I finally got around to opening those boxes and putting the contents together, and each item took all of fifteen minutes, at most, to assemble.

And so instead of a couple of huge, mushy boxes taking up space on my porch, I now have two very nice places to sit:

Rockin' Loveseat
It's funny that after all that procrastination, they were so darn easy to assemble. Ten screws and and ten little wooden plugs for the screw holes, and voila', all done! What's also funny is that during the time that loveseat rocker sat in its mushy box on my porch, it was recalled by Walmart for being unsafe. (Apparently, if you rock too vigorously, the thing will tip over backwards). What's funniest of all is that there isn't enough room on my porch to rock vigorously (or even somewhat calmly) in either rocker, as doing so will cause it to bang against the back wall, or worse, the window. Ah well. They look nice, anyway.

In the aftermath of tidying up the porch a bit, I've noticed that other wildlife have made their homes in and around the place.

Tangled web
Hmmm.... what's this?

So, what do you think? A purple finch egg?
So sad that it never hatched.


Some other flora and fauna around the place:

It's that time of year!

But there are still a few roses left

And the wildest critter 'round these parts, my baby girl, Ali:

A knitting bag is as good a place as any to sit

On a more serious note, I see that there's been an earthquake on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I lived for a few years, and that they've had to evacuate patients from Kona Hospital, where I used to work. I've emailed my old roommate, but don't expect to hear from her for awhile, as it sounds like the power will be out for awhile. Keep them in your thoughts, folks!


jessie said...

Beautiful pictures.

Great rockers. We have three giant flat boxes containing some sort of entertainment center or something. They've been in our living room for nearly a week and I'm thinking now we should just stack them and put the TV on top.

Want to come do some assembly here?

LaurieM said...

Very pretty pictures. Thanks for the photo journalism.

Suzanne said...

Love the rocker! You should procrastinate procrastinating more often--the rockers are lovely! and not hard to assemble (your own words!)

I've been trying to finish up some things here too....!

Whimsical Knitting said...

I love, love the rockers!!!! I really have a thing for the one that was recalled, my hubby and I would love it!
Ahhh, procrastination, I'm pretty sure that it's genetic, both my sister and I have quite a case of it, as well!

traveling knitter said...

I totally understand about the procrastination! Especially when we travel so much! You asked about what I do in my comments....well I travel to live auctions and implement software. It's a pretty small niche I'm in, so chances are that you are not in the same industry. Nice to hear from a fellow road warrior!

knitfriendly said...

I am glad that you can now enjoy your rocking chairs. They are great to knit in!

traveling knitter said...

We may have to exchange actually e-mail address otherwise I'll have to keep posting here. :) Yea Houston is sort of a let down....but I understand why you were here the Med Center is just awesome!

Some advice on the Fleece artist...not all the yarn is the can vary greatly by batch. My friend got the same color different dye lot and it was THINNER AND ROUGHER!

I was wondering about the mountain colors because the person I want to make socks for has cold feet....he wants REALLY warm socks...I may have to take a chance and then may be soak them in hair conditioner if it's too scratchy.

No famous people at my job sadly...I mostly go to very boring industrial sales. However I do love my job. I leave for another stint tomorrow.

Sorry I'm talking your ear off....sometimes I just get in a mood. :)

P.S. took a closer look at your rocks....very comprehensive!

Robin said...

Ali is a cute kitty!! Love the pictures - I can tell you're liking your new camera!