Thursday, November 17, 2005

And yet another novelty yarn scarf....

Take one ball of Lane Borgogesia's "Tibet" in shade #3:

Add a ball of Berroco Crystal FX "Cryptonite" (#4704) --

(it's really a slate green and not purpley like it appears here in incandescent light):

Carry together, cast on 10 stitches on US size 15 needles, knit every row:

And you get this:
A close-up:

...which will be a Christmas gift for one of my friends (who likes green). I had to put aside the teal scarf knitting because (a) it's for me, which means it needs to wait until after Christmas, and (b) I only have one pair of size 15 needles. But I'm eyeing it longingly....

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