Saturday, November 05, 2005

Chocolate for the eyes

I want this real, real bad:

I want to kiss my monitor, I love those colors that much.

The kit costs $100, which I'm willing to pay, but I did notice that it appears to be knit lengthwise (no doubt on circulars), which is just scary enough to me that it will help me resist it, for now. I should buy the kit anyway, though, because if I wait until I'm comfortable with the process, it won't be available anymore, (knowing my luck), and I will proceed to kick myself for not getting it when I had the chance.

I also want to make this:

which will no doubt be significantly cheaper than the first scarf, but has the same colors. I'd make it longer though, so there would be more, more, MORE of that gorgeous color. I know I risk shunning by the natural-fiber-loving knitblog community because it is, (gasp), Berocco yarn, but doggone it, I don't care. It's teal. And I'm not a yarn snob. Not yet.

Yes, I like teal. Very, very much. Always have. Always will. Teal is to my eyes what chocolate is to my mouth. Can't. Get. Enough. Call it what you want. Teal. Blue-green. Greenish-blue. Turquoise. Aqua. Jade. I love them all. If you're not convinced, here's more proof. And here, too.

And so, I want to make both of those scarves. Real bad.

I feel a yarn quest coming on. eBay here I come....

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