Saturday, November 19, 2005

Movie Hand-Knits

Last night, after a long, tiring week, I crawled into bed early and watched "The Santa Clause 2" on Encore. I'd seen it before, and at the time thought it was a cute movie, and I was in the mood for some escapism, so settled under the warm covers with one of my cats for nice comfy, self-indulgent movie watch. The thing is, I had seen this movie BK, that is, Before Knitting. Watching it as a knitter, however, is a whole 'nother thing entirely! Since the movie is set in the Northern Hemisphere in December, (winter), in a northern climate, there are hand-knits on almost every character, in almost every scene of the movie. (A sight for sore eyes, since we just got past a 75+ degree heat wave here in the mid-Atlantic in November. It's supposed to be cold in November! Why did I move home from Hawaii if it's going to be warm here in near-winter? But, it's cold now, finally.) So, anyway, better than that, the characters are wearing different hand-knits in different scenes of the movie. A feast for the knitter's eyes. I was in heaven!

Feast your eyes on these:

I love this cap for several reasons:
1) It's in maroon & gold, so could conceivably be worn at a Redskins game. (Hail!)
2) It's worn by the cutest kid in Hollywood. Granted, he's probably 18 by now, but when he premiered in the original "The Santa Clause" movie, he was about six years old and you could eat him with a spoon, he was so adorable. And strangely, at that age, he reminded me of my niece, who was about the same age and had very similar features (big brown eyes, cute smile) and coloring. He's growing up nicely, too. I hope we'll see more of him in future movies.

Another cute-as-pie kid in this movie, and she also seemed to be wearing different hand-knits in every scene. Check out that cool scarf she's wearing.

Alot of the movie characters wore these hats with the flaps -- also cool (and warm, too, we can only hope).

All the elves, (except for the tall teenager elf, strangely enough), wear hand-knits in this movie. And not just any hum-drum hand-knits. They're fair-isle and intarsia, all skillfully made. Kudos to the knitters!

A neat set of fingertip-less gloves and matching scarf worn by the Curtis character in this movie. Again, nicely knitted.

Kudos to this movie's costume designer for a job well done!

Now, go out and rent this movie and indulge your eyes!

Today is another premature holiday for my family, who can never, ever celebrate a holiday on the actual day. And so, five days early, we're having Thanksgiving at my brother's house, and two of my three out-of-town sisters are coming with their families. Terry's family can't make it this year (sob!), but we'll see them on non-Christmas, whose date has yet to be decided, but may end up being mid-week between Christmas & New Year's.

Finally, thanks to the two folks who have visited my Frappr map so far and posted pins on it! Yay! Thanks to the venerable (and very pregnant) Kate, from Montreal, (designer of the ever-popular clapotis pattern, which I hope to knit someday!) ;-) And to Tammy of Midlothian - thanks for stopping by, too! Do you have a blog? If so, let me know and I'll visit! Do you go to Stitch-n-Bitch? If you're like me, it's just a bit too far to drive out to Short Pump. We really need to start one on the Southside....

Happy Weekend, everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving, family!

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