Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Delayed vs. Instant Gratification

If you read this post from last week, then you'll know that I love teal. And after salivating over both of the knitted items mentioned there, I ordered yarn for both.

The Pound Cake scarf kit at Knitting Garden is out of stock and back-ordered. They tell me they'll be getting more in within a week or so. (Delayed gratification #1)

The yarn I ordered for the Berroco Bora Bora scarf -- the Optik "Peacock" # 4930 -- is discontinued. I got an email from the folks I originally ordered it from, saying they were out of stock but would look around for me. I don't hold out much hope. (Delayed gratification #2)

However, after some fierce Googling and many inquiries, I think I have found and purchased the one and only remaining hank of Optik Peacock in all of yarndom. It is a precious thing, indeed.
(Semi-instant Gratification #1)

It came last week by mail.
Here it is after I wound it into a ball:

I was so excited after receiving it, along with the Berroco Crystal FX "Caribe" I bought off ebay:

that I couldn't resist "cheating" on my other WIP's and starting to knit up my version of "Bora Bora".

(Semi-instant Gratification #2)

Here 'tis, so far:

And a close-up of the purty knitting:

12 stitches cast on US size 15 needles. Carry both yarns together. Knit every row.

Yay! :-)

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