Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Faux Thanksgiving


As mentioned previously, as per tradition for the past (gosh, has it been that long?) 25 years, we held our big family Thanksgiving 5 days early, this past Saturday, at my brother's home. Ever since my siblings started marrying off and wanted to have "their own family traditions" on the actual holidays, we've not celebrated a holiday on its actual day since I was a teenager. Which is all fine and dandy if you have a family of your own with which to celebrate the holiday on the actual day, but can be somewhat depressing when you're single. But I digress.

Anyway, good food and fun was had by all. And I gave my SIL her hand-knitted "Autumn Rush" birthday scarf about 10 days early, so that she could wear it while it was still technically Autumn and not look out of place when people start wearing their red & green Christmas garments.

Here is my nephew wearing the scarf in a way I'd never imagined:

Swami Ben

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