Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Never thought I'd become one of THOSE people.... know, the ones who are apathetically undecided. But this election season I found myself unsure as to which gubernatorial candidate I disliked more, and was stressing out because I'd yet to make a decision on who was going to get my vote. And the nasty, negative TV ads weren't helping, either. Then I woke up yesterday morning and said to myself, "Self? You know what? I don't like either candidate so I'm not going to vote for either one."

And so, for the first time in my adult life, I didn't vote. And I felt nothing but relief. I get the feeling that a lot of folks stayed away from the polls for the very same reason.

Oh well - color me unpatriotic, or un-civic minded or something. Perhaps we'll have better choices 4 years from now.

Meanwhile, I'm almost done with the 3x2 ribbing on the chemo cap I'm knitting, so I'll soon get to switch to just straight knitting in the round for about four inches - yay! And then the decreases start and I'll have to switch to scary DPNs at some point. That's when I'll make another trip to my favorite LYS for a little help. My ribbing is pretty sad looking, I must admit -- there are a few holes, I think I've dropped a stitch or two, and despite my overzealous addition of stitch markers every 5 stitches, I've no doubt mixed up the knits and purls in a few places, but you know what? I don't care -- I think (hope) the fuzziness of the yarn, which has made this such a pain in the a$$ challenge for me, will hide all of that anyway.

If I do finish this cap and am not too ashamed of it, I'll be giving it to its intended recipient, and I think I'll put it in a little box and then wrap the box with this, which I ordered yesterday and which has already shipped. And so, even if she doesn't like the cap, she might like the scarf. I can only hope.

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Kay said...

I actually think you DID vote. It's called voting with your feet! xoxo Kay