Tuesday, November 29, 2005

No Mo Fo-To?

Lately I've been trying to have at least one photo per blog post, because I find blogs are just more interesting than plain text when they include pictures.

However, I'm out of town for work this week, so no home-grown pictures to post on the blog 'til I get home later in the week. I don't typically bring my digital camera on the road with me because I don't check luggage when I travel for work, and there just ain't-no-room for one-more-thing in my two carry-ons, (excuse me -- "ONE carry-on and ONE small personal item, which may be a purse, backpack or computer case"). Plus, I'm afraid it would get damaged with the constant jostling. Which is silly, because the darn thing is already damaged -- the zoom is broken. So, I'm now in a quandary about whether to pay the several hundred dollars it will take to get it fixed, (plus relinquishing it to the vagueries of shipping during the holiday season), or to just throw in the towel and upgrade to a digital SLR.

I used to be a serious photography nut. Took several classes in college -- several black & white darkroom classes, a color darkroom class, a few seminars, a history of photography class, etc., and really enjoyed all of that. That was back before anyone ever heard of digital cameras. My trusty high school graduation gift, a Minolta XG-A, did all the heavy lifting for me. As with every hobby (obsession) of mine, I started buying tons of books and magazines on the subject, and fantasizing about being a professional at it and having my own darkroom. I bought a bunch of lenses, took tons of pictures, and then as has happened with so many of my hobbies and interests, it fell by the wayside. (I often wonder if I have Adult ADD). I think it was all the hassle of dealing with the film, having to buy it, then take it to get developed, then remember to go back sometime later and pick up the prints, (and pay for THAT too), etc. This girl -- who pays all her bills online so she doesn't have to deal with stamps and checks and envelopes and return address labels -- this girl hates unnecessary hassle. (Okay, I'm lazy).

And then I got the digital. I bought the best on the market, (at the time), because I didn't want to have to deal with a piece of junk. I've loved the instant gratification of it, (shocking, I know), and have had a ball with it. But three-and-a-half years later, it's now a piece of junk, compared to what it once was and to what's available now. Perhaps junk is a little harsh, but you get the picture. (No pun intended). It don't work right.

And so, I'm torn. Fix the old one? Or get a snazzy new one with all kinds of new and nifty features? What to do. What to do. Hmmmmmm................

(Could this possibly be the longest ever blog post about photography that contains no photos whatsoever?)

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DustBunniesCanWait said...

IMO if it will cost several hundred to fix it, your better off with a new one. Besides you can get so much more for your $ now that even just 3 years ago. Added bonus is that you'll have your old one as a "spare" that you can take with you :-)