Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Late night phone conversation...

... with a friend in the Pacific Northwest:

Debbie: So when are you coming out to visit me?

Me: How about sometime this summer, when it's hot and miserable here. It'll be cool and nice there and a real relief from our weather. So find out when you can take some time off and let me know.

Debbie: Cool.

Me: Okay, well, I have an early morning train trip to Baltimore tomorrow so I'd better go to bed.

Debbie: Train?

Me: Yeah, my first time. It beats driving the six hours roundtrip, and I can read or knit or whatever I want.

Debbie: You knit?

Me: Yes, I told you this -- I learned last July.

Debbie: Knit me some socks.

Me: I'm actually learning to knit socks right now, and wasn't sure who I would give these to, so they will now be for you.

Debbie: Hey, I went to an alpaca farm up here recently. They have alpacas everywhere up here. I bought some hand-knit alpaca socks. They are so HOT, though -- they make my feet sweat.

Me: Yes, I'd heard alpaca is a very warm fiber. I've also heard that it's fairly delicate, so I hope yours was spun with something else, or you'll have holes in those socks before too long.

Debbie: The friend who came with me on the alpaca farm trip thought alpacas were Indians [Native Americans]. When we got to the farm and saw our first alpaca, she said, "What's that?" I had to explain it to her.

Me: That's hilarious. So, what did she expect -- Native Americans plowing fields?

Debbie: I don't know, but we got a good laugh. Hey, if I got you some alpaca fur, could you make me socks from that?

Me: Well, being as I've only tried spinning once in my life, you might get better luck with some already-spun yarn.

Debbie: Knit me some socks. Scarves I have. Socks are what I want.

Me: Yep -- I'm on it.

So, now I have a recipient for my socks, and I know she'll be appreciative. And I have someone to tour alpaca farms with when I go visit her. Fun!

I've known Debbie for almost twenty years -- she's one of my closest friends, and one of my very few fellow single friends. I told her when she moved away that she was taking 50% of my single friends with her. It didn't stop her, though. I miss her. She's my sushi buddy. There are very few people I know in town who'll go eat sushi with me at the very best sushi place in town.

But I get to visit her this summer. Yay!


Bess said...

Ahh - but alpaca - that is for when you start your first lace project! I will help. Promise

Ranger Susie said...

I can't believe I've driven by that place a billion times and didn't know it was a sushi place!

Pretty sock! Debbie sounds like a friend who will totally appreciate handknit socks.