Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Good News, Bad News and Great News!

First, the bad news: My Continental Knitting class at Got Yarn, scheduled for this Sunday, has been postponed because instructor Nancie Wiseman is recuperating from surgery. I'm a little disappointed, but I'll survive -- perhaps it wasn't the right time for me to attempt learn that technique. Here's hoping Nancie is feeling better soon and on her way to a speedy recovery!

Now, the good news: A reminder regarding the new Lily Chin knitting show, Stitchcraft on Oxygen network, starting this Sunday, at 3pm. And if you can see beyond the Lily brou-ha-ha and can't wait until Sunday for a Lily fix, you can watch her crochet a sweater in an hour for Dave Letterman by clicking the picture below:


Finally, the Great News: At long last, I was able to go knit at Barnes & Noble's cafe with one of our local knitting groups , better known as "TNK" (for "Tuesday Night Knitters"). What a pleasure it was to meet Jane and everyone -- such a large group! I know I don't remember everyone's names, but I will someday! Everyone was incredibly nice and I had a blast. I very much look forward to the next time I'm able to attend, and I can't wait to get to know everyone better!

Proof that I attended:

I love how the mural right above Jane's head says "Trollope". We will take the high road and assume that the mural is a picture of the novelist, and wasn't meant to be a negative descriptor for Jane! ... ;-)



jane said...

hahahaaha! I've seen that mural and never noticed that I was sitting under it!! So glad you joined us, see you soon, Jane

Bess said...

Ooo boo hoo about the Nancie Wiseman class. But Yea!!! about TNK.

Do you crochet? If so, you'll find continental knitting very easy to learn.