Sunday, March 12, 2006

What Happened?


Last night I cast on and started knitting the shamrock dishcloth I mentioned yesterday. I was knitting it while watching "Celtic Women" on PBS. (If that couldn't give me good knitting karma, nothing could!) And I was plugging along fine, slowly but surely, and ended on row 13 before going to bed. This afternoon I picked it up again and knit a few more rows. I'm doing this on straight needles and the cloth is wider than the needles, so it stays scrunched up and is hard to monitor my progress as I knit. After today's few rows I moved the piece to a circular as a stitch holder to take a closer look. And alas, I discovered the following:

It's starting to look like a shamrock, and isn't half bad, unless you look closer....


What's this???


A little closer....


Extreme close-up


So where did I go wrong? That ladder is definitely not part of the pattern. I haven't dropped a stitch. What's going on? This is only happening on one side of the shamrock -- the other side looks fine.

I suppose it's a good thing this yarn is green, since I'll be frogging back most of my progress tonight. But I don't want to re-knit it until I know what I did wrong. Any insights, oh ye wise knitters?



Suzanne said...

I say don't frog--put it in the dryer instead! It may be that you have a little ladder between the Ks and Ps--the same way that you might get one between needles w/DPNs. BUT it is a dishcloth--I say you keep knitting, and remember to pull the stiches a bit tigheter in that spot each time. THEN to block, put it in the washer and dryer. Ta-daa!

I always wash my discloths that way. The dryer shrinks cotton--will totally shrink that tiny spot.

Or frog if ya like.

Tammy said...

I'm with Suzanne! I think it's just a bit of a loose spot that will tighten up on washing and drying. It looks really cute -- nice job.

Jackie C. said...

Looks like you might knit too loosely when you transition from knit stitches to purl stitches. Try tightening down the knit stitch before, and then tightening the first purl stitch of the shamrock. That might pick up some of that slack in between. Good luck!

emmy said...

I agree...continue on! I think it is what Suzanne said.

BTW which ballwinder and swift did you end up ordering? I have a Straucht(sp?) that I got from Lawre, got the cute bonnet for free too! My swift is similar to the Oregon Woodworkers and some others that are on ebay but given to me for Christmas by my good friend whose husband MADE it. It is awesome. I couldn't be without either one.

I love your washcloth..knit on ...