Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring has Spru-- (whuh?)

Nothing terribly earth-shattering to report in my world of knitting, but I'll share a picture from last night's knitting group -- the lovely ladies of TNK, (aka Tuesday Night Knitters):

No "Trollopes" this week, as we were not sitting in that part of the cafe -- perhaps next time. Sherri, on the far right of the picture, helped me cast on for my first Magic Loop sock last night. I got a whole round completed before it was time to leave. (At this rate, the socks will be ready by next Christmas). She also gave me my very own customized pattern from her Sock Wizard software -- pretty cool!

Tonight I knit a few more rounds on the cuff, but somehow, while watching "Lost", (I should know better than to knit during Lost), I added a stitch somewhere, so I may have to frog everything, or my ribbing will be off. Those darn tiny stitches are hard to see! I may have to get new glasses! It doesn't help that there's little contrast between the muted colors of the yarn and the silvery Addi Turbo needles.

On my way home from B&N last night it started to snow. Just flurries. Nothing sticking. I came inside and probably half an hour later there was about a half-inch on everything. And here's how it looked this morning:

It was all melted by noon, and the day pretended like it had never happened. Such is Spring in Virginia.

Tomorrow, the gracious Bess is coming to town for the sole purpose of teaching me to spin, (drop spindle -- too soon for an out-and-out wheel lesson!). It's going to be a fun day and I'm pretty psyched, I must say! So I guess I better get to bed and get my beauty (HA!) sleep.

(Hey -- maybe Bess can help me with my sock!)



jane said...

I know you'll have a WONDERFUL day, tell Bess hi, Jane

Anne Margaret said...

Hey Mary!

I've enjoyed following your blog. I attend Shady Grove United Methodist (in Short Pump) and we have a very small knitting group that finally decided to meet up with the Tuesday Knit Night at Panera (I think it is the first Tuesday night of the month that we "advertise" in the church bulletin). Maybe you can join us one night and we can meet!

Anne Margaret (tenten)