Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Poll: Help Me Decide!

Alrighty -- in the recent past I have waxed eloquent about my love of the yarn I'm using for the shawl I'm knitting, and have even mentioned that I'd like to make a tank top or shell with this type of yarn. (Garment knitting -- who, me?)

It turns out, the yarn manufacturer sells a kit with yarn and pattern for a shell, and although I like the pattern, and it definitely looks easy enough for a beginner to knit, I'm not a fan of those particular colors:

So I'm trying to see if they'll sell me the pattern without the yarn, and then I'll just purchase a different colorway of yarn from ebay. I've been browsing a particular ebay seller's store who sells this yarn, and have narrowed the color choices down to the following:







Deep Blue Sea


So, please vote on a color in the poll below:

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Hobici said...

Very nice blog,

Did you visit my blog???


Pink Dandelion said...

AAH! too many choices! LOL

I had a hard time deciding between the blue violet and the blueberry... They're all beautifull though.