Monday, March 20, 2006

Sock Swatch

(This report is a week late, thanks to all of Blogger's problems this past week, and add to that a busy weekend on my part. Better late than never!)

At last week's "Tuesday Night Knitters", Sherri gave Sheddy and me a lesson on knitting a sock swatch via the Magic Loop method. And here's my swatch:

(I'm glad it's just a swatch and not my actual sock cuff, 'cause it's sorta sloppy.)

I've since emailed Sherri my gauge numbers and shoe size and she'll be cranking out a sock pattern to bring to me tomorrow night. And then I get to start my first real sock!

If you were paying attention, you may notice that that is not the yarn I originally purchased for the socks. I just don't like the original yarn enough to use for my very first pair of socks, but I'll hang on to it for some future pair. (Or maybe I'll return it -- I don't know yet.) But the above yarn was just so lovely, I now understand why people wax poetic about it. It is none other than:

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Baltic Sea"

One thing about this sock yarn: I've noticed from surfing other blogs where this yarn's colorway was used that the colors vary significantly from lot to lot. Some lots have more teals, blues and purples, (the swatch on the Lorna's Laces website looks nothing like my yarn),

whereas my yarn leans toward browns, beiges, and pale greens, as you can see. But I still like it. Such lovely yarn, such lovely colors. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. In my opinion, if you're going to knit something as challenging as a sock, you better like the yarn you're handling. And I like this yarn -- I think it's well worth the cost.

As with the previous week, I didn't get many pictures taken during our knitting group time because I was busy knitting! However, Jane did an admirable job, as usual, of documenting the evening, and so I nominate her the unofficial historian. ;-)

And not only that, Jane and Sheddy were also last week's "Trollopes of the Week". Here they are, wrestling for the honor of top Trollope:

You'll have to ask them who won!


Krista said...

Beautiful color choice for your first socks! I love all the Lorna's Laces colors.

jane said...

Your sock swatch looks great! I guess Sheddy and I will have to fight it out for Trollope honors tonight. See ya (was I supposed to bring you anything tonight?) Jane

Courtney said...

Nice swatch. I should really do more swatching. I've ripped out many tops of socks because I failed to swatch. You're right about the colorway. Is there any blue in there? I like the color you have a lot, but to my eye, it doesn't match the picture on the website at all.