Friday, January 13, 2006

Continental vs. Combination

I'm on Got Yarn's mailing list, and received an email last night about some classes they're having in March. Nancie Wiseman will be here in town, teaching several workshops on March 4th & 5th.

I've signed up for her class on Continental Knitting -- I'm eager to see if I can master that and increase my speed.

I've also been reading Annie Modesitt's book on Combination (Combined) Knitting, which is very interesting. I'm not sure that method is for me, though. It's different enough from what 95% of knitters do and from how 99% of patterns are written that, me being easily confused, I'd most likely make a royal mess of things if I attempted it.
If she were ever to come to town I'd surely take her class, though, because there's nothing like learning from an expert.


Suzanne said...

Nancie Wiseman!!!!! I got the email too. I am a HUGE fan of her book Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques and I have it with me always. I would not mind getting my book signed....there is supposed to be a signing too.


Do I have to purchase my book at Got Yarn to have it signed????? Knowing Got Yarn, PROBABLY. Do I dare take my book in?

I'll post the question to the list and see what the mob says too.

Mary said...

Oh girl, I'm definitely taking the class -- I made sure I signed up and had a slot before I even blogged about it!

The email didn't say you had to purchase the book at Got Yarn to get it signed, so I'd guess you could slip it in, especially if you took one of her classes. Hope to see you there, although the signing is Saturday and the class I'm taking is Sunday....