Saturday, January 21, 2006

We've had a week to mourn...'s now time to bury the dead.

(Generate your own tombstone here.)


Tammy said...

I love that tombstone generator! Too funny . . . I think I'll do one for the high and mighty Duke Blue Devils (hope you're not a Duke fan!).

I love reading your blog. Thanks.

Tammy in Midlothian

deety said...

I do feel badly for you, because I know that awful feeling you have when you won't get to see your team play any more until preseason.

But... (don't hate me!) I'm a Cowboys fan. And I'm a Cowboys fan who grew up in Redskins country, which was always a lonely thing to be this time of year.

Maybe we can agree on one of the few things that's still important this year. Go Panthers!? If nothing else, they can knock out the folks that beat your team!

Mary said...

Well, my brother has a mixed marriage -- he married a Cowboys fan! So, we have learned to be tolerant! ;-)

At this point I don't particularly care who makes it to the Super Bowl -- the football season is over for me! I did see that the 'Skins hired a new offensive coach, which we needed, so I think next year we might go all the way!

roxy ^-o-^ said...

Oh that is fabulous. I am a diehard SKins fan, but there is some joy here - John is a Steelers freak.

Thank you for my giggle of the morning.


WHAK'd said...

Generate some other funny pictures online VIA ;)