Friday, January 20, 2006

Needlecraft Brou-ha-ha...

(...or, Why can't we all just get along?)

Seems that there's a legal fight a-brewin' over who gets to "own" a certain grouping of two words that rhyme with "pitch". I won't go into a lot of specifics here because it's been written about ad nauseum in other regions of the knitting blogosphere. But if you're not up to speed, you can read about all the fuss here and here and here.

I guess I find this all fairly amusing, because, really -- you can't un-ring a bell. Hundreds of SnB groups have been formed around the country, thousands of t-shirts have been printed and worn, millions of books have been sold. I really don't think a small sewing company's web bulletin board gets to take credit for, profit from, object to or stop the momentum of all of that. Just my little old opinion. But I guess we'll see how it all plays out in court, and that may take years.

Our local SnB group, like many others, had to change it's Yahoo URL, which just seems silly, but... what. ev. ah. There's still a few CafePress stores out there that sell items with that phrase spelled out, (*gasp!*). I guess when the authorities find them they, too, will be forced to shut down until all of this is settled.

But, in the meantime:

This t-shirt was in my mailbox yesterday.

Looks like I ordered just in the nick of time.

I plan on wearing it proudly whenever appropriate.

I got mine. And that's all that matters. ;-)

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moxie said...

Hah! Strange that this sewing company didn't take measures to protect "that phrase" until it got popular with Stoller's book and the subsequent revival of interest in knitting.