Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Dedicated to the Harvey family

Bryan, Kathryn, Stella and Ruby Harvey are being memorialized today. This shouldn't be happening. A happy, healthy, popular family of four should not be laid to rest in their prime. Their friends and families are stunned and grief-stricken. The community is shocked and fearful.

Not a mile two miles from where I live, someone violently took their lives on New Year's Day, and as of yet, no one knows who, or why. But no explanation will ever be good enough. No punishment will ever be severe enough.

There has been a literal and figural cloud over our city these past few days.

Bryan Harvey was a talented musician, probably best known for one of his former bands, the "House of Freaks", which made a few albums in the late '80's/early 90's, before they split. Kathryn Harvey co-owned the "World of Mirth" gift shop in CaryTown. Daughters Stella & Ruby were nine and four.

The world seems a little bit colder today. And folks in my neighborhood will be locking their doors all the tighter.

Rest in peace, Harvey family.

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