Saturday, January 07, 2006

Rest in Peace, Harvey family

The Harveys were memorialized and laid to rest today.

I believe in trying to keep the tone of this particular blog positive and upbeat. After all, the purpose here, mainly, is to document for myself my knitting projects and progress. And since knitting is a hobby I love, I do not want to taint that with negativism. No political rants from me here. There are plenty of other blogs who do that so much better than I ever could (or would want to).

But sometimes life creeps in. It's been impossible not to think, (nay, obsess), about much else this week -- news of this tragedy is everywhere, it seems. It's on tv, it's in the paper, it's in my Inbox, it's all over the internet and blogosphere. (Another Richmonder blogged that it felt like "our 9/11"). Theories and rumors abound. I won't be spreading those here because, if they're not true, it can only wreak additional pain on their loved ones, if that's possible. If the rumors are true, they'll come to light eventually. It's hard not to want to search everywhere for some kind of sense to all this, for some kind of answer, when there really can never be a satisfactory one.

Couple that with a sense of insecurity as Richmonders fearfully lock their doors and peak out windows, wondering if there's some kook out there looking for their next... well... you know. This morning's newspaper did nothing to alleviate that fear, and although just as horrific, the police say yesterday's event is unrelated. Small comfort.

May those closest to the Harveys find some peace and comfort through all of this. As a minister said earlier this week, (and I paraphrase badly here), "People have asked, where was God during the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps. The answer: He was in the furnaces. You might ask today, where was Christ when the Harveys faced their ordeal? The answer: He was in the basement."



Tammy said...

I live nearby in Chesterfield and I just saw that the police are now connecting yesterday's murders with the Harvey murders and -- thank heaven! -- have arrested two men for all seven killings.

I am happy to have stumbled onto your blog. I'm a very lazy knitter -- much more motivated to read knitting blogs than to actually knit! -- but it's great to read a local blog. Keep up the good work.


Mary said...

Thanks for the lead, Tammy! Check out other local knit-bloggers over there in my sidebar under the "Local Knitters" section.